Wednesday, March 13, 2013

they have a pope

I set my computer to the live feed from NBC and saw the white smoke as it began billowing up from the chimney, and as I'm sitting there, I am trilling in my mind, am I really seeing it, and is it really white—and it billows, more and more and more.

I had just glanced back at it, from something else—I had the desk computer at work set to the webcam, and was doing other things on the laptop.

And in that glancing back, there it was.

Atlanta time, 2:02 p.m.

Very exciting, that moment, and as I am watching, no news comes over the feed to confirm I was seeing what I thought.

And then the news was there, too. I'd sent my dad, who is Catholic, a quick email, just before two:
ten minutes to next vote 
have the live cam on!
And then:
That was just the subject line—not a moment to spare to dash off a text.

I don't know how the Roman Catholic portion of the faith is going to figure into the end. A lot of people seem to.

From my observation, it seems that the harlot church of the last day is pretty much going to beguile a great many denominations.

Especially our own.

But I am going to hope that Pope Francis will prove a man gifted by God to lead his flock into an outpouring of the faith that will be worthy of his namesake—and, to be sure, I mean there, St. Francis of Assisi, not Francis Xavier...

Even if he should prove to be the last pope over whom everybody at the present moment is poring, it is not necessarily a given that such would make him an enemy of the faith.

It might, rather, make him a martyr.

We don't know yet, do we.

In the meanwhile, a historic day, and one that meant a great deal to a great many people.

Let's remain in each other's prayers and remember the ministry of reconciliation we carry into the world as Christ's disciples begins with...

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