Saturday, March 10, 2012

all lines untangled

[adapted from the journal, 10 December, 2009]

Scripture is not an experimental document. We can misread it, mistranslate or mangle what it says even if we read it in the original language.

Modern schools, however, regard Scripture as a 'developmental' document. A changing read is set upon it, that morphs to fit the whim of each century. In such view, time and place (that is, the ancient understanding of its words) necessarily affect the read, reducing it (as they think) to a more primitive (less intelligent) understanding.

Time and place are contextual, and conform (and misform) the mindset or understanding of the reader, to this particular type thinking. Scripture, however, involves prophetic writing, and in prophecy, the context of the writer has less weight as a determining factor.

A higher order governs, in prophecy, and it is one not limited by time or space. The writings must attest to that governance. If there is no order imposed from outside the system of time/place/culture, there is no God. The focal point becomes mere man, constructing an ethos from his own hubris.

The two are incontrovertibly linked.

Appropriate interpretation of Scripture demands the higher order imposing its law. It demands an undivided law. It requires being interpreted within the 'straitjacket' of that law.

All lines untangled.

And this is imminently possible in Scriptural interpretation. However, a fluidity is requisite because mercyandjustice are opposing concepts to the finite mind.

To the Eternal, I believe they are one.

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